Working With Sabbatical Homes

Type of Landlord

Private Landlords

Currently, all the properties Sabbatical Homes list are owned by private individuals where the property is there primary home. We do not rent ‘Buy to Let’ properties.

By renting peoples homes, we know they are fully furnished, are well fitted out, and have all the amenities are clients are looking for.

 Homestay Accommodation

With the formation of Capital Homestays, we will be looking for Landlords/Hosts, who can provide students ( 18 years minimum age ) their own room, with either private or shared bathroom facilities.

In some cases Homestay tenants will require breakfast and a good cooked evening meal at least 5 nights a week.

We would prefer our homestay bedrooms to have wifi and a TV , although being in a family environment, the more time spent together with the family would be better

 Corporate Landlords

With the formation of Capital Concierge we will also being seeking Corporate Landlords who have multiple flats to rent, where we can furnish and manage the properties on their behalf.

Property Information

Sabbatical Homes tenants come from abroad. In nearly all cases, the first time they see the property they are renting is when they step through the front door after a very long flight and a very tiring travel day.

Therefore, the most important element to get a tenant to choose your property is the information we provide on the website, together with the photographs we take.

We only post photographs which we have taken ourselves. This is our guarantee to the tenant that what he sees is what he will get. We do not use clever lenses to make the property look bigger. In fact the reverse is true.

What we do is manage expectations. The perfect scenario is when a tenant arrives they first comment they make is “ Its much nicer than the photographs “

Our clients do not tend to use the traditional High Street letting agent, the marketplace tends to be what we have available on our website.

In todays technological world, high speed internet is a must, good sized flat screen TV is appreciated, washing machine and dryers, microwave ovens as well as regular oven and hobs are basic requirements, especially from our American clients.

We now have introduced two types of landlord registration forms – Short Form which just has the basic contact details, and the long form which allows you to list all the features of your property.

We also have a third form – utilities information form, which only needs to be completed if we take your property on. This way we can ensure that you are correctly reimbursed for services used, and where required submit meter readings on your behalf.

Property Viewing

No properties are listed until either Elaine or David Godfrey have personally visited the property and photographed it. We take a lot of photographs, which are then posted to the website.

Therefore, as this is the main selling tool for renting your home, it is very important that the property is clean and tidy and suitable for photography.

Getting Paid

All payments by Sabbatical Homes are made via electronic bank transfer ( BACS ). We do not issue cheques nor pay in cash.

When we visit your property we leave you a Landlords Information form, which we ask you to fill in and return once we have a letting agreed. This form details your bank information that we need to make direct payment.

It should be noted that all rental payments received from Sabbatical Homes Ltd should be declared on your tax return as income.

If you are a non resident landlord please refer to “Non Resident Landlord Status” in the RENTING YOUR PROPERTY section

Property Availability

Our new website now features individual availability calendars for each properties.

Please help us help you by letting us know your property availability, and when situations change so that we can update your personal calendar on the website.

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Landlords Registration