Tenant Services

Property Rental

Renting from us is a simple four step process:

  • Specify your needs
  • Select your choice
  • Pay the deposit , rent and administration charge
  • Move in.

Specify Your Needs

If you would like to use our service we ask you to complete the application form and submit it to us online.( click the submit button at the bottom of the form )

If you need some help first then try using our online ” Chat” facility or contact us via email, phone or Skype

On this form you can specify what you are looking for, how much you are looking to pay and the dates for which you require accommodation. You should also tell us any specific needs or problems (disabilities, smokers, children, music etc.) which might have a bearing on the location and style of property you need.

If you have an institute or college you access every day then you should tell us about that too, so we can select the most convenient location for you. This does not put you under any obligation to use our service or form any sort of contract with Sabbatical Homes UK

Select Your Choice

We will reply to you with details of properties that closest match your specification in terms of accommodation, location and dates (not always more than a choice of one or two). In most cases you will be able to view details and pictures of the property by going to the property details section of the website.

In some cases we may offer you a property which has just been registered and may not have pictures uploaded to the site yet. In those cases please feel free to contact us and ask for more details.

We ask you to decide quickly on the choices offered. If you want photos or more specific details than those we supply then we will do our best to oblige. At this point we will require written character references and confirmation of your employment from your University or Institute

Pay the Deposit and Rent

Once you have chosen a property and we have confirmed that it is available for rent, we will send you a pre tenancy agreement outlining all the relevant details of your let. ( Rental Period, Total Rent Amount, Security Deposit Amount, Administration Charge Amount, Details of any additional costs or charges ). Once you have sent back a signed confirmation that you agree to the details outlined in the pre tenancy agreement, we will then send you a tenancy agreement for signature.

You must sign the tenancy agreement and pay the security deposit, first rental and administration charge before arrival.

All financial transactions are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) preferably by electronic bank transfer. You may pay by credit card but we do charge a surcharge of 4% on top of the amount owing – so we strongly advise you to use electronic bank transfers.

We always require cleared funds for the landlord before the tenancy starts.

Move In

Rentals can start and finish on any day of the week and we will meet you at the accommodation on your arrival –  anytime on any day of the week. ( See our Administration Charges Section )

All we ask is that you call us at least 60 minutes before your anticipated arrival at the accommodation ( Usually call us as you are leaving the airport ) to allow us time to get to the property.

Move Out

Check out time is normally by Midday, but where possible we will try and accommodate later times where possible. Early morning departures are not a problem.

Concierge Services


For the past 21 years, Sabbatical Homes have always provided our Landlords with a management service, covering all aspects of looking after their properties. Now through our new ” Capital Concierge ” service, we wish to extend the services we offer to our tenants beyond  being an accommodation supplier.

While Capital Concierge is not a free service, we do not charge a ” membership or subscription fee” – just a time related fee based upon what service you require.

Let us know what you need and we will endeavour to help.

Travel Related Services


Do you need a pick up from the airport? Would you like to arrange a trip to Europe? Would you like a  private Blue Badge Tour to Stonehedge?

We are here to help you, let us arrange your trips while in the UK. We have worked over the years with many suppliers of both travel related services and hospitality experts.

We are here to make your stay as pleasant and trouble free as possible – Let us Help

Educational Related Services


As part of Sabbatical Homes expanded services, we are now helping students find suitable educational establishments to study. If its in the UK we can help directly, if its in the USA we can help through either our existing University or College client base find you suitable courses, or programmes.

Just contact us and we will see if we can help you.